Be a Burger

I was wasting time on Pinterest today and came across this hamburger dress picture and was STUNNED!  How neat is this thing???  Did a little more digging on Ol’ Reliable (aka the Internet) and learned that this dress was hand-made in 2005 by made- crocheted and sewn- by Joy Kampia.

I need this for Halloween.

So I can either buy it for $860 or learn to crochet prolifically but I don’t think I can get  away with either of those options… luckily, Ol’ Reliable and I found step-by-step instructions to make this:

And I think I can handle that! Done!

I also found this via Google and wow, wow, wow:

And here I thought I was super dedicated to hamburgers!  That’s seriously one amazing make-up job right there!  How did they do those crazy green eyelashes and even get the grill marks to sit so perfectly?! Crazy.

FRENCH FRY NAILS, people!!!!  It’s really astounding the things you can find on the Internet. I found a tutorial for this too and I can probably pull this off too or even take the tutorial into my local nail place ask them to do it. Yeah. Much better idea!

So I’ve got the dress, the nails, but really what costume is complete without a few themed accessories?

Yes, that’s me and yes that’s a hamburger hat.

Halloween costume decision done!  WOO HOO!  And it’s July so I’ve got plenty of time to work on it- I’ll be sure to keep you posted…

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